Sunday, September 13, 2009

Honduran Rosewood Bangle Bracelet

Of all of the bracelets I have made to date, this is, by and far, my favorite one. It is made of Honduran Rosewood, which comes from Central America, particularly Belize and Honduras. Honduran Rosewood heartwood varies from pinkish to purple-brown with irregular black markings independent of growth rings. Grain is straight to slightly roey or wavy. Texture is medium to fine. It is difficult to work, and very dense and heavy. Depending on the oiliness of the piece, it can prove difficult in gluing or finishing. I used a teak oil on this bracelet. It is 1" wide, and sports more of a cuff look than my other bangles. Above even the beautiful markings and coloring of this cuff, I love how when angled in the light, it boasts a glowing luminescense, in turn giving out a gorgeous shimmer.


  1. I luved the collection of wooden bungles.....if u any collection of wooden Engagement Rings pls display it

  2. I don't have any rings as of yet. It would be interesting to try making one. What US size would you need?

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