Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Slice of Delight Soap Contest Winner!

I entered a blog contest offering handmade soap. I was hopeful, you know, sorta like entering a sweepstakes, not expecting to win, but hopeful. I posted my favorite soap as the Slice of Lime, as I like a citrus scent, and that is what she sent me. I also ordered an extra soap, as I was curious as to how it would compare to the OLD handmade soaps which were full of lye, and left you dry and itchy. Not so in this case...

When I received the package, I could smell the soap before I even opened the package. It was delightful, but a little strong. And I say strong because I was worried about coming out of the shower smelling like a fruit, and not being able to wear my favorite scents with it due to clashing. (It will smell GREAT in your soap dish.) Not so in this case either...

I took the soap out of the nice packaging, and immediately felt its creaminess. It lathers up beautifully with a nice, light, CLEAN fruity smell, and it rinsed well. This won't matter to you who like to slather on the lotion after showering, but it is a non-drying soap leaving your skin feeling clean, creamy, and VERY lightly scented.

You can try these wonderful soaps and judge for yourself at asliceofdelight. Tell her I sent you!

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