Sunday, November 29, 2009

Templates for My Bangle Bracelets

A happy, well satisfied customer is a repeat customer. I am a perfectionist, as most of you who know me already know, and it bugged me that a bangle I had made for a customer wasn't sized just right. I asked her to return it, postage paid, so I could make the proper fit. In order to help me fit her properly, the customer sent along measurements in the form of outlining her hand, both flat and cupped. She also outlined the inside diameter of a previously purchased bracelet that was too large, and the one I had just made for her, in order to help with the sizing. Having like minds, the customer and I both thought that splitting the difference in the two inside diameters would do the trick. It worked wonderfully, and I now have a template to go by that will fit her perfectly each time she decides to re-order.

I think I will do that for all my bangle customers, hence the picture of the template cut-out. I used luan instead of my original thought of cardboard because it won't bend, as cardboard might. I have another lady to whom I am going to gift one because of her helpfulness to me in a time of need, you know, sort of a thank you. She has a rather large hand, and to avoid making the mistake of guessing, I will first send her a template to try on for size.

I wrote this short little blurb in hopes of giving you an idea of maybe how to tackle a similar problem you might be having in getting the right fit. Hopefully, I will soon have a small file box FULL of templates of all sizes!

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