Monday, December 28, 2009

Zebrawood-Finished and In The Rough

I just thought you may be interested in seeing what my bangle bracelets and donut necklaces look like in the rough, before I shape and finish them. So, here is my latest bangle bracelet in Zebrawood, both finished and in the rough. I made it more like a cuff since the wood was one inch thick to start with, and the cuffs are more to my liking than the others, though I like them too. It finished at 7/8" wide, and is a little thinner than my other style of bangles. There will be donut necklaces soon to follow! Also, here are some interesting facts I found on the internet about Zebrawood that I feel make for interesting reading. Enjoy!

Botanical Name: Microberlinia brazzavillensis
Other Names: Zebrano, Amouk, Zingana, Allen ele, African Zebrawood
Species Distribution: Western Africa - mainly Cameroon and Gabon
Endangered?: Yes
Characteristics: Trees tend to grow large with trunk diameters of 48"-60" and a thick bark. Zebrawood tends to grow near river banks.
Characteristics: Moderately coarse texture, close defined grain.
Color: Yellow brown heartwood, light sapwood with a dark contrasting grain which gives this wood its Zebra-like appearance.
Workability: Fair - Veneers are fragile. Grain can tend to tear when planing. Good gluing properties.
Finishing Qualities: Fair
Durability: Grain tend to be prone to wear. Veneer tends to be fragile and can break easily. Resistant to termites
Drying: Difficult - unpleasant odor disappears after drying.
Kiln Schedules: T2-C2 (4/4) - T2-C1 (8/4) US
Stability: Zebrawood tends to shrink quite a bit. It can be unsuitable for some furniture.
Uses: Turnings, veneers, furniture, tool handles, pens.
Comments: In the United States Zebrawood is most commonly available as a veneer due to the high shipping costs.
Price: Expensive

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