Monday, February 15, 2010

Lather UP with Reef Botanicals!

Larissa and Eric are the husband and wife team who run Reef Botanicals and hand-make every batch of soap, every candle, lip balm, gift baskets and every other item they sell. I wasn't familiar with alot of handmade soaps, shampoos, etc., until recently. They are very creamy, lather up beautifully, and don't leave your skin dry and itchy like commercial soaps can and do. Best of all, they also offer bar shampoos, so they are an eco friendly business because there are no bottles to toss in the landfills. Reef Botanicals, because of their commitment to handcrafting only all-natural products, has qualified for a listing on Green People,the world's largest directory of eco-friendly and holistic health products!

Larissa and Eric have a blog where you can keep up with their latest adventures and products, and and their own website where you can purchase any product, Reef They offer a nice men's line as well as products for women. One of my must haves is some of her fizzy bath bars. I can tell you right now, sweetheart or no, I will NOT be sharing my bath fizzies with anyone, no, no, no, going to be stingy, LOL.

Some of the bars of soap (Dead Sea Spa Bar) look so appetizing that the pictures (ABOVE) make you want to take a bite out of them. I wouldn't advise it, of course, but I would advise you to treat yourself to some of their great products, spoil yourself or gift someone special!