Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet Kimberly K., Multi-Talented Master of Everything

If you EVER thought you were busy, you need to take a look at Kimberly K,,. the better half (just kidding Andrew) of a creative husband and wife team that live and work in New Jersey. Kim not only tends to her family needs with two half grown boys, she just finished her college degree, she and Andrew founded and moderate the Handmade Artist Forum for which our Etsy Street Team members were named. They didn't stop at that, Kim and Andrew founded our new Handmade Artist Shop, a place for all of our forum members and friends alike to sell their handmade goods.

The preceding paragraph is only a prelude to an amazing array of talents about to be displayed. As the title of this post implies, Kim is a master artisan and craftsperson, and it shows in every aspect of her work. Let's start with her hand painted glassware in a fantastic array of colors and patterns.

These are only three pictures of many, a few favorite picks from me. I am sure there will be others you like as well.

I absolutely love to tease Kim about being to blame for my new addiction, chainmaille jewelry. Actually, drooling over Kim's and other select HAF artists lead me to try my hand at chainmaille. Kim carries her pliers and rings on her at all times and is ready to continue or start a new chainmaille piece. Here are some fine examples of some of her work:

See now why I tease her about being the cause of my new addiction?? LOL!

I did a blog post awhile back about her seaglass jewelry, scroll WAY down to see the pictures of their collection of sea glass hand picked from the Jersey shores. Here are a few of her examples of her Sea glass creations.
Kim also makes jewelry from sterling silver wire , this is her newest piece,
And from Swarovski crystals, although not too often.
And last but not least, what I call her altered art items, Kim's Book Art. Pictures say much more than words, so here are a couple.
Be sure to show Kim some love by visiting her blog, http://makinthebestofit.com/category/blog/,
her shops http://makinthebestofit.com/ and her sister shop http://chainmaillebymboi.com/, and her Handmade Artist Shop http://www.handmadeartistsshop.com/MakinTheBestOfIt.html. Come join us at the Handmade Artisits Forum, a team of talented, encouraging, and supportive artisians who all love and support handmade. Tkae a look here, there's lots to see. http://handmadeartistsforum.com/forum/index.php


  1. Makes me tired reading all this! Thanks for the sweet post and for being so supportive of the forum. You have made a non-productive rainy day much brighter!

  2. I especially love the blue mugs, braided chainmaille bracelet, sea glass jewelry, and book art... and by the way, my birthday's in July if anyone wants to buy me any of this as gifts! Seriously, though, this is some crazy talent. Great post!

  3. Kim's talents are amazing to be sure. Very nice article.

  4. Multi-talented? Whew! I guess! Love the wrap on the blue seaglass pendant.

  5. Not only is Kim an amazingly talented artisan, she is also a really lovely person.. and an absolute legend to put up with Andrew (:P)

  6. Wonderful article! Amazing to have all that talent in one person!

  7. I would love to be able to paint like Kim does, she is amazing!

  8. Love the title of your post, sums Kimberly up famously! :o)

  9. Absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you so much for posting!!