Monday, May 11, 2009

Beading and Jewelry Supply Storage

I found this blog fascinating, as I cannot imagine EVER having that many beads that I would have to store. My crafting/beading space is cluttered chaos, to say the least. I have some things organized in all of the mess, to where I can immediately go and put my hands on something within minutes, so I guess I'm not doing too bad, LOL.

I also use those 3 tiered organizer boxes from Wal-Mart. They are clear so I can easily see what is inside, and is within quick reach. I store all of my paints in one of those 3-drawer rolling boxes, as well as my sewing patterns, trims, and ribbons. As long as I can get an idea of where the item I need is, I can find it almost instantly.

I wish I had enough beads to warrant a storage need like the picture in above link. One of my friends gave me for Christmas last year a fishing tackle box, with a large, open compartment on the top that I use for storing my pliers, tools, tape, wire, etc. The front drops down to reveal four tiers of plastic boxes with separator inserts to store small stuff. I found that my findings stash was getting much larger than my bead stash, so three of those four drawers are now full of findings. I went to a wholesale outlet in my small town where I found a "womans" tackle box. It is very much like the one described above, but comes in a black trimmed with pink nylon carry case with a shoulder strap, and has more and larger compartment spaces. I find that both of these boxes are very portable, and lightweight, and I love the fact that I can carry my tools and supplies with me to the shows, and make on demand from the supplies that are chosen by the customer. It works for me, and I hope you can use this as well!


  1. Storage is always such a problems this is a great idea. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Oh my gosh my craft overflows into so many rooms of my house. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. That's way too organized for me. Where's the challenge? Seriously, I have the rolling storage bins from Walmart too and they really have helped.

  4. Thanks for the link - she's very organized!!