Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Need To Know Who Is My Target Audience

I design jewelry, using all sorts of mediums, gemstones, glass beads, crystals, and exotic woods. I am wanting to take a poll to find out exactly WHO my target audience is. I have an shop, where you can view my items. If you were to purchase something from me, what item(s) would it be and tell me why. Please include these things about yourself:
your favorite item(s)
what appeals to you about it
disposable income
luxury item or impulse buy
your location in US, or abroad
Rate my pricing-Good, fair, or poor


  1. Janelle....This is a great idea!

  2. Thanks! Who do you think is my target audience?

  3. age 40, gender: female

    your favorite item(s), the buttons specifically the purple mother of pearl, Purple Glass Pearls and Hearts Earrings, Moss Agate and Jade Bracelet

    what appeals to you about it: I love buttons, the earrings I like the attention to detail with the beads and bead caps, they look worth much more than you've listed them for, the bracelet I love the agate color

    disposable income
    luxury item or impulse buy: I've always seen jewelry as a luxury item. Not meaning you have to have a lot of cash but because it's an extra item to have.

    your location in US, or abroad I live in the US
    Rate my pricing-Good, fair, or poor: Fair to slightly too low

  4. I think your target audience for this style would be Mom's. Age 30 to 38 with kids. They go to Craft Shows, and some Art Shows, usually with a stroller, a toddler or maybe a middle school aged kids in tow. Middle income, Soccer moms. Some may make some of their children's clothing or accessories around the home.
    I appreciate that you post a link to matching pieces like bracelets on necklace or earring posts. VERY important for multiple sales. I'm gonna update MY site with that idea. Thanks

  5. Since you also have a variety of vintage buttons for sale you also might want to target crafters who use vintage items in their work. There are some shops that make bags, purses, collage ACEOs or just collage art and they like to use vintage items as part of their creations. Does that make sense to you? If you are able to find more vintage items in larger quantities I bet crafters would view you as a supplier. Oh...can't forget to mention you have nice jewelry pieces, too! You're very talented! Good luck!