Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Mermaid's Tail-Wire Wrapped Sea Glass

The craze for sea glass has only just begun. The top pictured wire wrapped "Mermaid's Tail" pendant created by artist Kimberly, of, has captured the beauty of it quite well. The wrap itself is very fitting and appropriate of a piece of tossed and tumbled glass from the sea. The great irony about it is, when she created it, she stated that she never noticed that her style of wrapping this piece resembled a mermaids tail, hence, the name was born.

I am quoting either Kim, or her husband, Andrew when I say that the funny thing about this whole sea glass craze is when you think about it, we are really talking about ocean garbage. Sea glass/Beach glass started its lowly life as an unwanted piece of trash. Long ago, before environmentalists began, people would dump their unwanted trash into the sea. The lovely old colored bottles would be battered by rocks, waves, sand and salt water until they were broken up into smaller pieces (some no bigger than a shard). These pieces would be naturally tumbled until they are smooth and frosted. Fast forward, jewelry artists and avid collectors comb the beaches of the shore looking for these recycled treasures that have washed up on the sand. Some put them in jars for display, some hoard them like misers, some sell their pieces, and others create beautiful art with them. Brown and white are the most common colors to find with green being next on the list. Then you have the, red, yellow, orange, and purple are treasures to find. Most sea glass is odd shaped so it means that each is a one of a kind.

All of the above pictured collection of sea glass has come from their excursions along the Jersey shoreline.

Kim has taken these treasures from the beaches along the Jersey Shore and hand wrapped them in sterling silver to create wearable art. Each treasure is unique to itself. For earrings, she can often find pieces that are close in color, size and shape; but they will not be exact matches. Pendants are absolutely unique so when a piece is sold it is gone forever. Kim will be selling these gorgeous works of art soon at


  1. Thank you for the glowing review-you just made all the wet shoes from collecting glass worth it!

  2. Congrats Kim!! Everything you make is beautiful!