Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nature at It's Finest

I wasn't doing much of anything today, except exchanging personal messages. I happened to wander outside, into the garage, and low and behold, I saw one of natures finest works in action. I do not have garage doors installed yet on my home, so it is open most times. I find a couple of bird' nests built into the crevices here every now and again. I do not disturb them, because I believe Mother Nature should be allowed to take Her course. I knew that a mother bird was nesting, because I had seen her fly in and out, to do whatever it is that she does. Today, I witnessed about eight, tiny little baby birds trying to leave the nest, trying out their new wings, learning how to fly. How cute they were, these tiny creatures, spreading their wings for the first time learning how to fly. It was fascinating to see them hopping some, then flying a bit. Just a short bit, but nevertheless, trying out their tiny wings. I could hear a tiny little "peep-peep" every so often, coming from the attic rafters, and I wondered if the tiny thing would be ok there, since it gets so terribly humid and hot in the attic here in North Florida. Then I heard a much stronger chirping, and knew that Mama birdie was coming to the rescue. It was simply so heartwarming to me to see these tiny creatures do what they were meant to do. Please, take a moment, to look around you, smell deep, and watch carefully. Living in the country certainly has it's advantages!

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