Monday, November 22, 2010

Artist Spotlight Part 1-Larissa and Eric Symbouras-Soapers, Candlemakers, and Facepainters

Meet a charming and talented couple, Larissa and Eric Symbouras, who hail from New Jersey.
See? Aren't they the cutest thing you've seen in a long time?  This dynamic duo are soapers and just more recently, candle makers! They have a site called Reef Botanicals, where you can get just about anything you need for bath and body needs. I can personally vouch for the fizzy bath bars as being fabulous. You can get  all your facial scrubs, hair care products, lips balm, soaps, even a men's line of products here at Best yet, everything is all natural!

These are one of the three scented, fabulous fizzy bath bombs I mentioned earlier...
And of course, the chocolate decadence candles, which are a recent addition to their product line. Healing Tea and Ocean scents are also available.

Larissa is also a face painter and body artist, and a really good one, as you can see from this sweet little girls face! You can view more of her work at her sites, and Her Reef Botanicals blog is here, where you can keep up with new products! And of course, her personal blog is here
Larissa and Eric also have a shop in the Handmade Artists Shop, where you can get their prodicts too!

Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter too!


  1. Thanks! Glad you like those fizzies!

  2. I'm dying to get some of those Chocolate Decadence candles. Come to think of it, I could burn them in my bathroom while soaking in a fizzy bath. Hmmmmm.

  3. I think that those chocolate candles are addictive like real chocolate but without extra calories ;)

  4. Awesome article! Their products are wonderful and so well presented!