Saturday, November 27, 2010

Artist Spotlight Part 2-Meet Sandi-"Iknitquiltsew"!

Have you, as a grown up, seen a child's toy that was just irresistible, I mean, you just had to pick it up and love on it? Well, if I could reach it, this would be the one for me.
Sandi, of Iknitquiltsew, makes these adorable bears in different colors, and all look cuddly and lovable. She makes the cutest dolls too. Here is one of my favorites.

This is Emma, and isn't she just precious???

Sandi is very, and I mean very talented, not only does she sew these marvelous playmates, but she hand sews quilts, for baby cribs, wall hangings, and childrens rooms. Some are appliqued and some are made to look like vintage quilts. Whatever your favorite may be, they are sure to please!

And for the sweetest baby clothing, see Sandi again, pictures say alot more than I can.

You can see or purchase more of Sandi's work in one of her two online shops, the Handmade Artist Shop,, her Etsy Shop,, and visit her blog and Facebook pages here.


  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful article!

  2. What a clever crafter, with so many wonderful items! Really beautiful work :)

  3. Too many cute things. Almost makes me want another baby. Well, maybe I'll just go for the Teddy Bear. You're never too old, right?

  4. I love the dolls and balloon quilt. It makes me feel like a child...

  5. The balloon quilt is my favorite, Sandi. It reminds me of the short film called the Red Balloon. I recall it was filmed in Paris and followed a little boy on his adventures while chasing a balloon. So sweet.

  6. I just LOVE that gray teddy bear. If I didn't want a scroll saw so bad...

    No, you're never too old.

  7. She is definitely in touch with her inner child, therefore she touches mine also!

  8. Wow! She is very talented and a very busy woman!
    Love the bear too!