Sunday, January 30, 2011

TRusk4U, Featured HAF Artist

I am here with yet another featured HAF Artist, Teresa Rusk, owner and operator of Hollyhocks, LLC., her brinck and mortar store in Hillsborough, NC.. She was born and raised in the upper Michigan peninsula, and now resides in North Carolina with her hubby. Teresa has 2 grown children who are on their own and live elsewhere, and a rescue dog who is just the cutest pup you ever did see. Teresa has an Etsy shop that is full of gorgeous beaded and wire worked or wrapped jewelry.  and beautiful tote bags in yummy spring florals and colors. Her blog is interesting reading, where she features artists, her favorite recipes and reads. Treat yourself and visit her shops, and browse her blog. Here are some pics of her lovely jewelry from her Etsy Shop:

Trusk4U on Handmade Artists Shop:

And the last three pictures are from her Handmade Artisit Shop, T.Rusk4U


  1. What gorgeous jewelry!! And shop too!...Nice feature. :-)

  2. Oh, they are all stunning especially the heart shaped necklace. Most girls loved heart shape jewelry since it refers to the spiritual, emotional and moral cure of a human being.
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