Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Impressions By Heidi, Featured HAF Artist

Meet Heidi, she is a self taught artist from Summerville, S.C., so in a respect, she is a neighbor of mine! Heidi loves working in copper, and it shows in her lovely, take a peek at some of her stuff in her Etsy Shop, Impressions by Artisian Jewelry by Heidi. The following pictures are some of my favorites of hers...
Heidi even uses her copper medium combined with her peruvian threding technique, which makes for gorgeous earrings...see just above.

Heidi's blog, full of good reads, and I love her wordless Wednesday posts, is full of good reads and pictures of her recent works or art. I am going to use her "wordless" thene to finish off my post with only pictures. Make sure you visit her shop, there is plenty more where this came from!


  1. The web earrings are so incredibly gorgeous!

  2. What beautiful pieces. I'm already familiar with her shop. :-)

  3. Thanks for a gorgeous post and sharing so many pics. :-)

  4. What a wonderful talent. I love those earrings with the peruvian technique.